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Filling a Need - Sharing What Works
As an Enagic distributor for the last four years, I was constantly taking my SD501 and putting it in a canvas bag and lugging it to Wellness Awareness Parties and other presentations.  
It didn't look very professional and it didn't afford any protection to my $4000 investment if I dropped it or as it bounced around on the floorboard of my car. 
I also knew I would be flying with it and I didn't want to put it through the checked baggage process where it could get lost, stolen or damaged. I wanted to carry it on the plane with me. 
So, I found a quality case manufacturer and designed the foam infrastructure that keeps the SD501 securely inplace.  I've used this, "Kangen Carry-On Case" myself and shared it with my distributors and other Enagic distributors.  I then developed an All-In-One Demo Case to look more professional when doing demonstrations. 
Over the past two years, through vending at a few Enagic events and simple word-of-mouth referrals, we've sold over 700 cases!  They have traveled all over the world without any trouble and I've received only positive testimonials on the case. 
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Kevin Rishell Introduces Kangen Travel Cases to New York
Kevin Rishell speaks at the September New York Enagic Training Event explaining why Kangen Travel Cases are a valuable tool for distributors
I'm now a 6A distributor and many Enagic leaders use them and have recommended them to their downlines. It's a win-win deal!  If your distributors feel safe about taking their unit with them on vacations, family reunions, business trips, etc., then they can give away water and make more sales!  Everybody wins. 
In the process, I've developed some Travel Tips that you can view on this site whether you buy a case or not... it's my gift to you
As I said, a high percentage of my business is from referrals.  So, I  would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best products and the best service in helping you build your Enagic business.   
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