Kangen Travel Cases - Protect Your Investment
April 25, 2011 - "Just returned from ten days in Ireland and enjoyed Kangen water every day of my vacation thanks to being able to transport my machine safely in my travel case. It worked like a charm passing through two domestic and two inter-national check pionts without a hitch using United and Air Lingus. My next trip will be New Zealand and I can certainly atest to the redeming features of Kangen water when dealing with one or two too many pints!"
Paul Dravitzki/Stromsburg
April 20, 2011 - "Hi Kevin,
We just arrived back from spending 6 weeks in New Zealand. Thank you so much for the case. It travelled all over with us and it made it very easy taking our machine with us. All your travel tips were so helpful. We commented many times how happy we were to have bought it.
Thanks again Kevin,
Marguerite" (MacKinnon)
Another From Timothyray Laber - 8/13/10
Travel necessitating an additional case, Bless you, Kevin , for these SD-501 shields. We have several of our distributors who are lining up to "borrow" our travel case. Ours has been to Nevada this month; Massachusetts last May; Minneapolis in April; and our Demo Case has been twice to Orlando and is on the road weekly with in town demos. We Love these cases.
From Timothyray Laber - 4/23/10
Greetings, Kevin,
Love our cases. The carry-on has served me twice on the trip to Minneapolis. Got a potential prospect of a TSA man in Minneapolis who listened to my two minute intro while he checked out my SD501 and the brochure I included for his education. He wants to drink the water.
I tried a slight twist in my preparing my machine for the trip. I wondered about small amounts of water still lurking in hoses, the lines between the filter compartment and the electrolysis chamber, etc. So I chose to substitute my E-cleaner cartridge for the filter. I put my Enagic filter in a ziplock baggie and shipped it through my checked baggage. I locked the E-cleaner cartridge in place(dry and empty) figuring that it would effectively seal the lines within the unit while it was lying on its back up in the overhead compartments). It is easy, simple and worked fabulously. I am doing the same thing when I take my machine to home demos or when we went out of town for an Enagic training. Gives me a sense of additional security knowing that water can't leak out of the orifices where the filter connects.
We are grateful to you, Kevin , for these strong and secure and professional presentation cases for our machines. Thanks again.
From Sono Harris - 9/11/09
"Kevin Rishell's Carry-On Travel Case for our Kangen water machine has served us wonderfully.  First of all, the case makes our experiences with security at the airports so much easier.  What an improvement from transporting it in the original box our SD501 came in!  Moreover, the case safeguards our investment by keeping it well-cushioned and protected from any damage through the rigors of travel.
The travel case has a precise, custom design to house the SD501 and on his website he provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare it for transport.  Kevin makes it trouble-free to do the best thing which is to take your Enagic water machine with you wherever you go so you can keep drinking Kangen water.
If you own an Enagic water machine, you should also own Kevin's travel case. I just ordered my second one!  It gets the heartiest approval from a very satisfied customer!"
From LaLa Hawthorne - 9/10/09
"I have traveled out of Long Beach and LAX Airports, I always take my SD 501 in the case on board." 
From Jerry Bush -9/8/09
"Traveling with the Kangen Carry-On case is a breeze. We take our SD501 with us where ever we go. We've made numerous trips and haven't had any problem getting through security or carrying our SD501 on board our flights. We  fly in and out of Seattle-Tacoma Airport and the security folks don't ask  anymore what's in the case. They recognize it and say, "You've got one of those water machines, just bring it over here for a swab."
From Cathy Bliss (don't you just love her name - ck out her website!)  8/18/09 - "Love my case and wanted to Thanks YOU ! On your video I heard you say you wanted to look more professional ... I said the same thing when I first started doing demo's. I own and operate a embroidery Retail business and I have designed up some designs that I have been wearing when I do my demos. Please check out my web store and I would be grateful if you would let other know about this. I would love to beak free from my Retail store, so I could get out and do more with the water BUSINESS.. Many Thanks Cathy" www.generationwatercreations.com
From Frances Payn 8/12/09
Kevin I spoke with you, and purchased your travel case in July shortly before our trip to The Fiji Islands. It worked perfect! After speaking with you, I decided to carry on the case with my Enagic 501 snuggly packed inside. I left Tampa on American Airlines, and was asked to open the case for inspection. As per your suggestion, I placed 2 brochures on top of the Enagic 501. The Homeland Security examiner removed the hoses to further examin the unit and he was satisfied with my explaination that this was a medical device and closed the case. The next time the case was examined was at Bradley International, on route to Fiji.
We arrived in Nadi Fiji, and the customs inspector questioned the case, and accepted my word that it contained a medical device and wished me a pleasant stay in Fiji. Imagine the joy I felt, after arriving at the villa knowing I would be drinking 9.5 water shortly. I have been using 11.5 water to wash my eyes which has been part of my health program in eliminating cataracts, so I was pleased to be able to continue this regime. I brought both a pre filter and transformer with 300 watt capacity along with me. Your suggestions on packing the case, were most valuable. They are both detailed and easy to follow.
I have a sale to a guest living in Singapore, but needed to check with the Enagic office in LA to make sure Singapore has minerals in their water as they use reclaimed water. One closing feature on this sale was your case, as the customer travels between Singapore, Shangi and the United States on a regular basis. I would recommend your case as a priority for all travelers."  
8/10/09 Calen Meza wrote, "Hi Everyone! Can you travel with your Kangen Water Machine? Yes!Can you travel with your Kangen Water Machine? Yes!
I just got back from Arizona and as you can see in the attached pictures I had my machine attached to the bathroom sink in my hotel.  Many of you have asked about a Travel Case for your machine. I have seen many people buy a suitcase and customize it with padding and foam to travel safely.
Kevin Rishell sells one and I think it is the best one I have seen. The best way to describe his case is “It Is Bullet Proof”.  He makes a Travel Case and now a Demo Case. You can see them both on his website www.kangencases.com
On his website he also has some good tips when you are traveling and packing your machine so you do not get to your destination and your machine is in a puddle of water.  Check it out if you are interested in protecting your machines during your travels."
Kevin Porter - "I have had my Kangen Carry-On Case for two years and have really worked it hard. No problems at all and I know my $4000 investment is secure and safe from damage or mishandling. This case is a MUST for your business or pleasure travels and you will look professional all the way! Thanks Kevin!"
“Lala Hawthorne – “I went to New Orleans for my husband's family reunion we had a good time. The case was perfect, we flew United and didn't have a problem taking the case on board.   I gave out water to someone who lives in New Orleans plus DVD's and paper work and I gave out information to others who of course couldn't travel with the water, I am searching for locations for them to get the water.” 
Brian Quinlan – “…it carried-on nicely with my return flight, using Sun Country”. 
Jerry Hannon – “Thank you Kevin! ... I'll be spreading the word about your great travel case, and good luck with your sales.”  
Yes the trip to Italy went well....like always, and your case is phenomenal. I love it!!I guess I will see you in one of the upcoming events, until then have a good one.~ Ciao ...Antonella  
Thanks for your great customer service to me. I wanted to let you know that the case you shipped to my boys as they left college arrived on time.  It is a wonderful product and we will be using it regularly to transport our SD501.  They were able to take it on the plane without any problem.  It is very sturdy and well-built.  Thank you for developing this custom case.  A friend of ours was over today and I showed her the case.  I sent her home with the ordering information so she can get one, too. Hope your business booms!
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the receipt and we're so glad you were at the training. We flew on Alaska Air and getting through checkin and security at the airport was a snap. Having the case is really going to make it easy for traveling near and far. Thanks again and we are sharing the information down and up.
Jerry & Joan Bush 
Dear Kevin, 
We've been to Dallas and back from Los Angeles on American Airlines with the Kangen Travel case as Carry On luggage.  Other than the inquisitive inspection we hope Airport Officials do, there has been no issue to preclude us from using the case or transporting the machine exactly as you told us we could.And, it fits the over head bins exactly right  And, yes!  Our trip to Dallas Ft. Worth was successful.... 
Ed & Bonnie Whitting 
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