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How we started

Filling a Need - Sharing What Works

As Enagic distributors for the last 7 years, We were constantly taking our SD501 machines and putting them in canvas bags or boxes, and lugging them to presentations.

It didn't look very professional, and it didn't provide any protection to our $4000 investments. If the machine was dropped the damage would most likely cost more than a protective case.

We also knew that we would be flying with our machines and didn't want to put it through the checked baggage process where it could get lost, stolen or damaged. We wanted to carry it on the plane with us.

So, in our search for a good protective case, we met Kevin Rishell. He is the original founder of "Kangen Cases." Several years ago he found a quality case manufacturer and designed the foam infrastructure that keeps the SD501 securely in place. Multiple people have used this, "Kangen Carry-On Case" and shared it with other Enagic distributors. They have traveled all over the world without any trouble and only positive testimonials on the case were received. Shortly after the All-In-One Demo Case was developed to look more professional when doing demonstrations.

Since we began, through vending at a few Enagic events and simple word-of-mouth referrals, we've sold over 1000 cases!  

We are dedicated to serve you for many years to come. Our confidence in these cases are very high. Many Enagic leaders use them and have recommended them to their downlines. It's a win-win deal! If your distributors feel safe about taking their unit with them on vacations, family reunions, business trips, etc., then they can give away water and make more sales! Everybody wins.

In the process, Kevin developed some Travel Tips that you can view on this site whether you buy a case or not... it's our gift to you.

We wish you success in all areas of your life. We hope our cases will be one of your stepping stones toward the achievement of your goals.   

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