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Unplug and disconnect your SD501 from your faucet. Remove the Enhancer Tank and empty it. Do NOT travel with a full Enhancer Tank as it can damage the machine and will void your warranty. (Tip: the whole top comes off the tank and you can pour the liquid out and save it for using later). People that are flying, bring a bottle of the Enhancer in their “checked” baggage.With the machine sitting on the edge of the counter, dangle the two hoses into a bucket on the floor to allow them to drain. Take the carbon pre-filter out as you normally would and you’ll notice two nipples on the bottom with black “O” rings. Angle your head over the sink and blow air through the center nipple while pointing the nipple on the outside of the filter away from you and into the sink (otherwise, you’ll hose yourself). This step is not necessary unless you are taking your machine on a plane. If that is the case, you will want to get as much water out of the machine as you can. Some people baggie the filter and put it in their check through luggage along with there extra Enhancer fluid. If you do that, put the cleaning cartrige (empty & dry) in place of the filter back in the machine.For faster draining and to get more water out of the machine, you can blow on the top flexible tube where you get your alkaline drinking water from. (you can also spray it with 2.5 acid water to kill any germs if you do this)If you still have some residual water coming out of the hoses, some people put a little plastic bag around the ends of the hoses or put the little red stoppers on them. Now you are ready to put your machine in the Kangen Carry-On Case. The first step is to swivel the hoses and the electrical cord so that they are coming out between the two front legs of the machine if you were facing the front of it. The hoses are made to swivel underneath. Open your Travel Case and lay it on a flat surface. There are two foam pads inside that are customized for the SD501. Take out the top layer of foam and set it aside. Pick up your machine and gently lay it into the case on its back with the feet at the bottom and the hoses and electric cord still pointing out to the front of the machine. Coil the electric cord and lay it on the pad at the bottom of the machine between the legs. Then take the hoses, separate them and lay them down each side of the machine flat on top of the bottom pad. They fit tightly, but perfectly in the gap down each side of the machine. Make sure you leave a little slack at the bottom so you don’t crimp the hoses. The grey hose is a softer rubber and tends to crimp a little. An alternative method is to have both hoses pointed towards the same direction (the front of the case) and run them one on top of the other down the side near the enhancer tank.Take the remaining length and curl it up and lay it flat on the bottom pad along with the diverter and acid hose in the space above the top of the machine. Then lay the top flexible dispensing hose down on the other two hoses to help hold them in place. I add the top pad to give extra protection for the plane flight. It fits right over top. Use your fingers to gently tuck down the foam along the sides till they are flush with the top of the machine. It’s very snug, but it will close and hold everything securely. If you ever tear the foam, 3M spray adhesive will fix it. Airport officials will usually have you open the case and they will swab it to make sure there is no explosive residue on it. I tell them, "It's a medical device" and have a brochure in the case with the machine. It does fit in the overhead compartment of most planes and I’ve only had one person in 2.5 years tell me they had trouble carrying it on.  

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