Kangen Travel Cases - Protect Your Investment


Small Travel Case

Designed To Fit In Overhead
Carry-On Case
Protective foam that is CUSTOMIZED to fit your SD501 LEVELUK R or SUNUS Kangen Water machines
Price: $229.00

                                        Large Demo Case

Will Help You Keep Your Presentation Kit Together And Ready to Go. 

All-In-One Demo Case
Custom designed foam insert will secure your machine and hold your demonstration products, supplies and tools
Price: $339.00

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Robert Ronan of Kangen Signs Does Vinyl Wraps for Kangen Travel Cases
Robert Ronan shows off one of his latest "wrap jobs" of Paul Richard's case at Las Vegas CYL Event. He does amazing work and provides his phone number if you are interested in getting your case wrapped!
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Kangen Travel Case Testimony - Bob Gridelli
7 figure income earner & world traveler, Bob Gridelli, takes a few moments at the end of an Enagic meeting to share his successful use of the Kangen Carry-On Case.


April 25, 2011 - "Just returned from ten days in Ireland and enjoyed Kangen water every day of  vacation thanks to being able to transport my machine safely in my travel case. It worked like a charm passing through two domestic and two inter-national check pionts without a hitch using United and Air Lingus. My next trip will be New Zealand and I can certainly atest to the redeming features of Kangen water when dealing with one or two too many pints!"
Paul Dravitzki/Stromsburg

April 20, 2011 - "Hi Kevin,
We just arrived back from spending 6 weeks in New Zealand. Thank you so much for the case. It travelled all over with us and it made it very easy taking our machine with us. All your travel tips were so helpful. We commented many times how happy we were to have bought it.
Thanks again Kevin,
Marguerite" (MacKinnon)

 May 2010 - "Thank You" for this great travel case. It protects my investment beautifully and it is easy to maneuver in and out of the airports. It goes right thru the TSA folks easily, I just tell them that they need to do a swab and they do and right to the plane. It fits great in the overhead compartment too. It makes it so easy to take my units with me on every trip. Thank you Kevin!!   Lori Valentine (FL) (GO TO VIDEO TESTIMONIES TO SEE HER)

Michael Kinnett wrote: "Hi Kevin, I'm sitting in the Las Vegas airport with my travel case as carry on luggage. We’re headed to Jacksonville and have been thru security twice without a problem and have been able to recruit one guy in line behind us. What a great tool.”    
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